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Lava Stone Skull


Lava Stone Skull

Healing Properties

▪️Lava is a stone of strength and courage

▪️It allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life

▪️Lava stone is, in essence, the solid form of fire. It is therefore a stone that is associated with the phoenix and rebirth

▪️Since the stone is the result of almost violent natural events, it is considered a strong stone and one that assists the wearer to succeed in desperate circumstances

▪️As it comes from and is of the earth, lava stone is said to assist the wearer to be more in tune with Mother Earth

▪️As these stones also contain the powerful energy of the volcano that created them, this means that they are excellent to aid healing especially when you are feeling depressed or lacking energy and vitality

* Healing with crystals are a means to spiritual support and is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please see your doctor for medical advice for any serious health concerns.

Size approx 5x4.2cm | 70g

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