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Ametrine Generator


Ametrine Generator

Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and citrine with zones of purple and yellow or orange. It contains the energy and properties of both Amethyst and Citrine.

Ametrine opens the third eye chakra, promoting healing and divination. It unites masculine and feminine energies. Ametrine enhances acceptance of others. Use it stimulate creativity. It is a highly positive stone that’s known for granting wishes. Just make sure you know what you wish before you do! Together with Amethyst’s problem solving powers, and Citrine’s manifestation powers this is also a great stone to use in your business life. Use Ametrine for unbalanced energy in relationships, both personal and professional.

See also meaning of Amethyst below.

Amethyst is a powerful protection stone. Use it to protect against psychic attacks and other negative forces.

Amethyst is a great stress reliever. Use it to soothe irritability, mood swings, dispel anger, fear and anxiety. Amethyst is used to assist with healing of personal losses and grief. It can bring you calmness and inner peace. Amethyst enhances creativity and passion. Amethyst improves concentration, memory and other mental abilities. Amethyst increases spirituality and strengthens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

Amethyst is known to assist with insomnia and nightmares. Keep one by or under the bed. Amethyst is known as the sobriety stone and is used to reduce addictions such as drugs, smoking and alcohol. It is a great stone to carry whilst travelling to ward of thieves.

Amethyst is also used to boost hormone production. It strengthens the immune system. Use Amethyst for headaches and to releases tension.

Size approx 336g 8x6.5cm

* Healing with crystals are a means to spiritual support and is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please see your doctor for medical advice for any serious health concerns.  

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