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Eudialyte Sphere


Eudialyte Sphere 

Size approx 5.5cm 265g

Does not include stand

Eudialyte a stone of life and love force, promotes self-love and it will open up the heart chakra to release energy blockages and help you to learn self-acceptance and self-love, and will open you up to receiving love from others.

Eudialyte alleviates compulsive negative behaviours that no longer serve you. Use Eudialyte when when you need assistance in making decisions and have difficulty accepting change. Eudialyte helps you to let go of negative circumstances and relationships in a peaceful way. Eudialyte is perfect for dissolving feelings of depression, jealousy, resentment, and strong hostility, allowing one to build the self confidence to overcome these feelings. It promotes absent-forgiveness of the self and others as well as self love, releasing one from the negativity caused by fear, guilt, anger, and sorrow.

Eudialyte has a deep connection with soul relationships and is able to show us the purpose in each one. It teaches you to release feelings of hopelessness and accept a joyful and happy life.

Eudialyte will awaken your sense of value for things around you. Eudialyte is a strong grounding stone that will keep you balanced and aligned to your goals. Physically, Eudialyte will give you more physical energy to help you achieve all your goals. It’s an excellent stone to attract good luck and prosperity. It will show you how you can turn your dreams into reality by making use of your innate talents and abilities. It’s a powerful and useful stone that will bring you success when you start a new effort. It will also help you find new opportunities and reach new goals.

Eudialyte can increase extra-sensory perception (ESP), clairaudience, and the ability to understand messages from spirit/angel guides. Use Eudialyte to gain back those creative juices you may have lost somewhere along the way. It is said to create an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves. This increase in alpha brain waves is part of the reason why Eudialyte is such a powerful stone to enhance creativity. Increased alpha brainwaves help you to settle into a meditative mode and may stimulate creativity and help you to develop telepathy, clairaudience, and ESP.

*Healing with crystals are a means to spiritual support and is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please see your doctor for medical advice for any serious health concerns.


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