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Goniatite Fossil


Goniatite Fossil

Goniatites are extinct ammonoids, shelled cephalopods related to squid, octopus, and belemnites, that form the order Goniatitida. The Gonatitida originated from within the more primitive anarcestine ammonoids in the Middle Devonian some 390 million years ago.

Goniatites are said to carry ancient wisdom and knowledge, reminding us how to grow and expand in this life. Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. It promotes a sense of pride and increases confidence. Use it to access past life information. 

Goniatites are a protective stone that bring stability and structure. It eliminates negative behaviour & transforms it into positive energy. For those with depression, Goniatite will remind us that there is a positive light at the end of that dark tunnel.

It said to promotes success in business. It is used to aid in reducing tiredness, fatigue, digestive disorders, rheumatism, lung disorders and assist with degenerative disorders.

* Healing with crystals are a means to spiritual support and is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please see your doctor for medical advice for any serious health concerns.

Size approx 5x4cm

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